Respect of Intellectual Property

UnlimiNews is a trademark of Z51 L.L.C.

Z51 is very attached to the respect of Intellectual Property and conforms itself to the laws of its country of origin (Z51 is a US company).
Z51 and its affiliates strongly complies with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which was approved at the US Congress in 1988, in order to face potential electronic problems attached to copyrights especially by way of the Internet.

Z51 and the DMCA

You will find instructions on how to submit a notification to Z51 below, copyright and intellectual property rally matters to us, and we will do whatever needs be done to protect it in concordance with the DMCA agreement.

How to submit a DMCA notification?

DMCA only authorizes the owner of the copyright or the agent legally authorized by the owner to submit DMCA notification. If you are neither the owner of the copyright or his (her) legally authorized agent and you have information on what you believe is a copyrighted work on our server. Please send your information to the owner of the copyrights. Legally under the DMCA, only the owner of the copyrights can identify its property and confirm it at the risk of perjuring himself that it should be taken into account.

A correctly filled DMCA notification adheres to the recommendations and principles established by the DMCA itself. The elements needed for a correct DMCA notification are:

  1. Precise identification of the person or entity submitting the DMCA notification.
  2. Relations to the owner of the copyright clearly declared (him or legally habilitated agent)
  3. The ID Message of all the articles of the DMCA you ask Z51 to remove. Please keep in mind that some articles are long enough to be posted over several UseNet articles; those are called multiple posts. Be sure to identify all the Message ID of all the articles you want be removed.
  4. A "digital or electronic signature" emanating from an authorized person to act in the name of the owner. This is done by giving a name and an address where the person can be contacted in case someone wants to contest your notification.
  5. Although not legally required by the DMCA, including "Copyright violation" in the subject of your mail will avoid your mail to be considered as spam.
  6. Submit your notification to

Once we will have identified some of the files by the message ID, and a correctly filled DMCA notification we will remove all identified files that broke copyright immediately. If all files have been posted by a Z51 customer, this said customer will be banned from our services immediately. Then we will acknowledge your notification and let you know we removed all the incriminated files.


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