PureNZB Black Edition
Unliminews has just rolled out a new version of its own Newsgroup Client: PureNZB Black Edition.

The interface is streamlined and it integrates a Media Center for the first time in the Newsgroups Client history.

PureNZB is a one stop client for UseNet:

  • it comes already configured to work with Unliminews, taking advantage of its high performance network

  • it integrates search from multiple search engines and this can be extended by the possibility to add personal engines with personal Bookmarks

  • it integrates a RSS reader to download directly from RSS feeds

  • it automatically repairs and decompresses downloaded files

  • PureNZB Black Edition offers enhanced multimedia capabilities:

  • Video Streaming: watch video just a few seconds after the download has started

  • Media Center: the "My Collection" tab allows you to manage your videos: add a poster, look for cast and launch the video with your favorite media player.

  • Information can be pulled from IMDB, Google and many more and the name of the media can be edited.

  • Try Unliminews for $0.99 for 1 GB or enjoy a $9.99 subscription for 50 GB or $19.99 for unlimited. Alls subscriptions are without any commitment.
    A brand new website!
    We've redesigned a brand new website for you: nicer, faster, smarter :) We keep our prices low and we still provide the best technical support to our customers. Please tell us what you think about our new website
    Our OWN newsgroup client
    We developed with Z51 our own newsgroup client for you: PureNZB, the best and most complete UseNet client. Zero Configuration, Auto Repair & Extract, NZB Streaming, Integrated Search, Auto Update... FREE for all our clients... Try it now: Try PureNZB
    Win a 2 months FREE subscription!!!
    Each month, we offer through a free game 1 month of newsgroup subscription with 1280 Kb/s to win. Next game will start in November! So be sure to come and try to win for FREE :) In partnership with Binnews
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