I just subscribed, and I haven't received my login or password yet??
Your login and password, as well as other info on our server and services are automatically sent to the email address you entered when you proceeded with your payment. Please verify that you received a confirmation,  that your email address is correct, and that your firewall didn't block our email.
In case you have persisting problems, contact us here: Support
How to get my login/password after subscribing ?
You just have to get connected to our website to retrieve your connections info.
How long after my registration, may I begin to download?
Accounts are activated immediately after registration. You can begin to download as soon as you receive your confirmation email. If you didn't receive your login, please contact us at this address: Support
I lost my login and/or password. What shall I do?
To receive your info by mail, Click here
What is a SLOT? Up to what  speed will I be able to download?
1 slot = 1 connection to our server. For example with 3 slots on 10mb SDSL, you can go up to an average of 700 to 1000 ko/s. With only 1 slot on a same 10Mb SDSL line, you would get an average of 100 to 300 ko/s.
How do I setup my newsgroup player?
You can have a look at our Tutorial Pages in order to find examples of newsgroup client setup.
How do I download on the newsgroups?
Have a look at our tutorials to find out how to use a newsgroup client and how to download.
Which payment modes are accepted? 
We accept PayPal (with an existing PayPal account) and Credit or Debit Card via PayPal (no need to create an account)for subscription.
Is there a minimum duration registration commitment?
There is no commitment, you fill your account for a month. At the end of the month, the account is automatically deactivated.
You can recharge it whenever you want :)
How do I cancel my subscription?
If you want to stop your subscription, you don't have to do anything, your package ends automatically after your credit is depleted.
No automatic renewal is available for the moment. You will have to manually extend the duration.
Downloads are very slow, why?
It can be due to a lack of capacity of your network or a congestion of the traffic between you and our servers. It can also be due to a limit on your ISP provider end.
Try to connect on a different port like 119, 443, 563 or 600 in SSL if your client allows it, if not change your client.
The number of slots you use also affects the download speed.
Keep in mind that a good quality SDSL line (between 5 and 8 Mo/s) will be put to good use with a 3 slots subscription.
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