It is my first time subscribing to a paying group. The subscription is very quick and easy. I have 3 slots on 119 port for 1150 kb/s. All good for me, hope it will last long!!! :)
Hi all, I saw UnlimiNews offer and I had to buy! Registering took less than 2 minutes, you can pay via PayPal so that's very convenient. I got the confirmation by mail just seconds after my registration was done. I opted for only 1 slot on the 995 SSL port. It is heaven, i got: between 195 and 210 ko/s. I have nothing to say except : CONTINUE!! Thanks UnlimiNews for the services and good prices.
I just subscribed to your 7€99 offer. I am downloading newsgroups on a very slow connection but I get a 600ko/s in average, so thanks very much!!!
I left Giganews newsgroup because i was fed up to pay $30 per month on a small 2mb DSL, here I have only 1 slot for $3.99 and I have the exact same speed. I wish I knew UnlimiNews long before!! Live long
The level of quality and price is much more appealing than any other offer you can find!! Hope this will last, Good luck to the UnlimiNews Team :)
Support is amazing!!! I sent a mail at 1 am and got an answer only 7 minutes afterwards!!! Do they even sleep there??
Congratulations!!! UnlimiNews is really the most efficient and always listens to their customers. Everything is working really well, thanks!
UnlimiNews is great and the support is really fast and reliable!!
Support reactivity : never saw that anywhere else: just great! Everything is working good!! May it be for a while :)
Thanks for always being aware of your newsgroup customers
Thanks to the UnlimiNews team and for the really good support you give us.
Thanks to the 995 SSL port i can bypass my ISP and have decent downloading speeds :)
The support helped me setup AltBinz remotely, I couldn't do it on my own. Thank you so much for all the good help and professionalism.
With 4 slots i can download from 1500 to 2500 ko/s, and for the retention days, it is much more than 200 announced days!!
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