We are happy to offer all our customer our brand new software: PureNZB.

Nothing to configure!
There is nothing to configure with our client. After install it is just ready to use.

Easy to use.
Search, Find and Download in only clicks, you don't need a degree to use it :p

Integrated and Simplified Search.
Search is fully integrated in PureNZB,results and downloads are greatly simplified!

Automatic Repair.
At the end of your download, files are automatically repaired if necessary.

Automatic Decompression.
At the end of your download, files are automatically decompressed if necessary.

Video Streaming.
Watch your videos without having to wait for your download to be complete!

Automatic Updates.
PureNZB is updated automatically, so you can always enjoy new functionalities.

PureNZB is provided totally FREE to all our customers.

24/7 email support
24/7 email support.
Our support is one of our biggest pride, we answer fast, really! Average answer time is less than 2 hours and we ALWAYS send personalized answers! No automatic answer, we really read your emails!

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